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A natural innovator and self-starter, I am always full of ideas for new projects and ways to improve old ones. Put simply, I love making things. And code has become yet another way for me to do that.

Strong analytical skills make me a solid problem solver and a fast learner.

Before becoming a software developer, I worked extensively on the front lines of the NHS as a pharmacist.



Ideas originator

2020 - 2021 // Full Stack Software Development

Makers Academy // SOS-App

Between August 2020 and January 2021, I attended Makers Academy, a 16-week immersive coding bootcamp where I got a grounding in computer-science concepts and a crash course in Ruby and Javascript development, including Rails, jQuery and SQL.

For my final project, my team created an iPhone app built in Swift that uses GPS location data to match a user with relevant emergency services information - anywhere in the world.


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